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About the Hessian Green Bond

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The State of Hesse regards climate protection to be an essential part of its policy. The principle of sustainability is anchored in the state’s constitution as a central goal for the state’s conduct. With that, Hesse is pursuing its sustainable development with the ultimate goal for its preservation for current and future generations. Climate and environmental protection as well as sustainability are therefore the main criteria for the selection of Hesse’s expenditures when it comes to assignment to its sustainable bonds. Hesse is taking a pioneering role among the German states by issuing a Green Bond. By issuing the green bond, Hesse wants to meet the evidently growing need of investors to invest financial resources in an ecologically sustainable way. The Green Bond Framework forms the basis for issuing the green bond in compliance with international climate standards. The Green Bond Framework is intended to enable investors to achieve the desired and necessary transparency for this type of financial product. Hessen is committed to provide a transparent reporting on the allocation regarding eligible green expenditures (allocation report). The allocation report will include details regarding the allocation of the green bond proceeds to the eligible green expenditures.

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